Moving On

   As many of you know by now, I have decided to make the move from the radio booth to television for the 2007 season.  Its an exciting career decision that I did not make without long thought and consideration.  I have had seven wonderful years working the games on the Cleveland Indians Radio Network and now look forward to broadcasting games for Sports Time Ohio.

   In making my decision I realize that I am leaving two incredibly talented partners in Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan.  I will miss working with them but, they will always be in the booth right next door.  I will always be grateful to the Indians organization for giving me the opportunity to join the radio broadcast team seven years ago and I make this move with their full support.

   I have had the chance to work with some of the best broadcasters in Cleveland sports history.  My career began at WEWS-TV 5 in 1990 where I worked under the tutelage of the late Nev Chandler.  He was a consummate professional and always encouraged me in my career endeavors.  Working with Tom Hamilton the past seven years in some ways was like working with an extension of Nev.  They have their own distinct styles but, each taught me lessons about preparation and work ethic that I wont soon forget.

   Mike Hegan opened my eyes to watching the game of baseball in an entirely different way.  He welcomed me to the booth and helped me better understand the "game within the game" and never once talked down to me even though he’s forgotten more baseball than I will ever know.

   Now I have the pleasure of sharing the booth with one of my favorite Indians players, Rick Manning.  We worked together on a show 10 years ago called, "Tribe TV" and had a blast doing it.  I truly look forward to learning more about the game from his vast knowledge as well as bringing my own insights to the telecasts.

   Finally I want to thank the loyal radio listeners for their support over the past seven years and look forward to your viewership on STO.  Its been a busy off-season already and I am truly looking forward to getting back down to Winter Haven, Florida for spring training.


On a side note…I recently made the pilgrimage to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa with my Father and son.  Even if you are not a baseball fan, its worth the trip.  We had a great time and it truly is a magical place.  I’ll never forget when my Dad said, "Its just dirt and grass and corn, and yet its so much more than that.  It brings back so many memories of baseball and family.  It really is a field of dreams."



    Good luck to you Matt. You will be an asset wherever you go. I can’t wait for the season to start. Rexanne from Dorr Michigan

  2. Matt

    Thank you Rexanne I appreciate the comments. Hope you’re not surrounded by Tigers fans, they could be tough to live with this off season. – Matt Underwood


    For several years now, I have watched Indians games on TV with the volume turned down while listening to your radio broadcast. Now, it’s going to be a tough decision with you on TV and “Hammy” still on radio. I guess I’ll probably split the audio time between both. Anyway, keep up the good work and best of luck in your new slot.


    Hey Matt good luck with the move. How about suggesting to someone with the Tribe that they trade for Jduchschere from Oakland. I think he could be the closer for the Tribe. I know Oakland would not just give him away, but they have some depth in middle guys over there. Maybe we could help them out with something they are in need of. Brett Bland



    I have enjoyed you on radio and look forward to watching you on TV…Congrats

    By the way, when will the Indians get to work. A good deal of players that could help are going by the wayside.

    Give Mark a prode for me

    A loyal Indians fan,

    Jim Reser

  6. Matt


    We will be broadcasting live from the baseball winter meetings December 4-7th at 8pm each night on STO…I have a feeling the Indians will be very active during the week, so stay tuned.

    Matt Underwood


    My late father and former Cleveland Press Sports writer, Jim Braham, always discussed Indians baseball. Our discussions sometimes got really heated especially when the Tribe was in playoff contention.

    Is it me or is the current current ownership constantly on a youth movement. Granted former GM Hart traded away a lot of the farm in the late 90’s but I do not see a whole lot going on to rebuild it. Even when we get some talent we just decide to give it away ie Belliard for Luna?

    Hopefully Buck can greatly help this organization and direct Shapiro in putting the Indians back to form the way they were (1994-2001)

    I just feel that we need a lineup that is feared from top to bottom and not a bunch of streaky hitters.

    Jack Braham

    Seguin, TX


    I would really appreciate a comment on why the Indians would trade Bob Wickman last July and replace him now with pitchers whose best years are behind them(Hernandez) or are dubious health-wise?(Borowski)
    So pay him the 5million or so-at least he was healthy and effective!Now…I am concerned about the lare innings.


    Matt.. good luck in your new role on the Tribe TV broadcasts. It should be a fun year for tribe fans.

    As far as a comment regarding the loss of Jon Saunders goes(addition by subtraction, IMO), the next guy out the door should be Mike Hegan. He’s incredibly obtuse and no one really wants to hear about his golf game, the stadiums architecture or how sad it is to travel from one major city to another. Try to refrain from any of those subjects..thank you..


    Hum?….Matt Underwood and Rick Manning together again?….I was attending Kent State during your last stint with Manning….I WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU!
    A winning combination without a doubt!!!

    Good Luck.

    p.s. These Detroit Fans in Northwest Ohio are getting a bit upitty. Let’s go Tribe.


    Hi Matt,
    I just want to say that it was devastating to me when

    i heard that you and Hammy will be split up.I LOVE listening to you guys on Tribe

    broadcasts and after listening

    to MLB radio for over 40 years, i felt that you guys

    were perfect together and the BEST radio broadcast team i’ve

    ever heard!I also feel that

    Tom is the BEST,and LOCK Hall-

    of-Famer,but you 2 guys worked

    so well with each other.I hope

    you pop in the radio booth

    sometimes(often)! I will miss

    your enthusiastic calls greatly!

    Fred C


    Just saw your blog (guess i’m way behind). Congratulations! I have enjoyed your work on radio and TV. I look forward to seeing you and Rick working together. In my opinion Rick is the best color man in MLB and I know you and Rick will be a great duo. The best to you in this new endeavor.

    Linda, from Wadsworth and Hilton Head Island.


    Hi all!! I’m over from the RedSox Blog (Ian Brownes) and just thought I’d stop in and say Good Luck to your new Indian Trot Nixon. He’s the kind of guy who is going to give you 110 percent everyday he steps foot onto Jacobs Field or any place else that y’all play!!! (unfortunatley even at Fenway!!) He’s my favorite Redsox, or now I have to say former RedSox, and I, along with a legion of other fans, am going to miss him terribly!! I wish the RedSox had seen their way clear to have kept him. Anyway, treat him good because he will always play his heart out for you. He’s a dirt dog you know and one heck of a player!! Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you. If you don’t mind, I might drop in over here from time to time throughout the season just to check on him. Oh and we’d love to hear from any of you who care to drop by the Sox blog. Thanks and have a good season, it is just around the corner. We’ve almost gotten through another off season. Thank God!!


    I’m still trying to see what all the fans over here think about the trot Nixon aquisition. Where are you guys?? Spring Training is here, aren’t y’all READY FOR SOME BASEBALL????


    Good luck to you Matt. You are really an asset to the Indians and there fans. Now my 9 year old son and I have enjoyed listening to you. Now he will get to see you and grow up with you like I did Nev and the others. There is nothing like baseball in Cleveland, or should I say heartbreak in Cleveland. But hey it’s like my dad said to me, “Get used to losing, that’s how it goes when you’re an Indians fan.” Let’s break the Curse of Rocky or Bobby Bragan however you look at it. Can’t wait for the memories you will surely bring my son and I. I’ll miss listening to you on the radio when i can’t watch the games. Best of wishes Matt.


    Is it really a Blog if you only post once every four months? If you want to do the math, that’s three times a year. Come on, Mr. Underwood, you have to have more to say, and more insights for those of us on the outside, than that. Like you, we really care about the Tribe and what is happening to (hopefully) get them back to the playoffs. Please, cut us a break and log on once in a while with your thoughts . . . . .

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