On the Road, Again.

Greek2   The season is now officially under way and we are about to settle in for the long grind.  The Indians won’t have a day off now until April 24th, which is actually a good thing.  Playing every day is what the players are used to so having multiple off-days in a short period of time makes it hard for them to settle in to a routine.

   The Tribe will spend Easter weekend in Detroit before going to Baltimore and then Kansas City to wrap up the road trip.  The Motor City has become the center of the big event sports world the past few years.  The Tigers hosted the All-Star game last summer, the Lions hosted the Super Bowl last February and the NCAA Final Four is coming in a couple of years too.  Downtown Detroit is not the most breathtaking place in the world but, it can be a fun town.  Greektown is located near Comerica Park and is a collection of Greek restaurants and pastry shops.  At the center of it all is the Greektown Casino which is one of three major casinos in Detroit. 

   Two things you must do if you come watch the Tribe in Detroit. 

  1. Eat before the game at Pizza Papalis in Greektown.  The best pizza in the midwest and quite possible some of the best ‘za in the country.  Try the original crust with sausage and banana peppers.
  2. After the game stop for a night cap at the Old Shileleagh.  This Irish tavern has live music upstairs and the atmosphere is always lively.  Years ago it wasn’t unusual to walk in after a ballgame and see former Indians pitcher Charles Nagy behind the bar serving customers.

   Have a happy Easter weekend and enjoy the time with friends and family.


I’m not entirely sure, but what about the ’88 (or ’89) Orioles….

Matt, to answer your question, the Detroit Tigers have been 10 games out of first place by April 15 twice — in 2002 they were 10 1/2 back on 4/15, and in 2003 they were 10 back. (The Arizona Diamondbacks also were 10 back on 4/15 in 2003.)

Jeff S.

The 2002 Detroit Tigers were the first team to be 10 games out of first place.

PFC Mark Phillipp, United States Marine Corps

How do I log on? I know the answer to Matt’s trivia question. I don’t know how to tell him though.

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