A Time to Vote

   We are fast approaching the quarter mile post of the 2006 baseball season and with that we are being reminded almost daily to vote for the all-star game.  When I was a kid there were only a few ways to make your vote heard.  You either had to attend a Major League Baseball game and get the ballot from an usher at the stadium or you could cut one out of the local newspaper and mail it in.  Nowadays, thanks to the technology we possess, voting is down right simple!

   You can still do it the old fashioned way by punching the holes in the ballots at the ballpark and handing them back to the ushers.  Of course after the Presidential election snafu with all of those "hanging chads" why leave anything to chance?  Simply log on to indians.com and vote electronically!  Its simple and you can really impact your favorite players chances by voting up to 25 times per day.  I can hear the purists moaning in the background but, hey this thing has always been a popularity contest from the get-go.  Haf_1

   Last year because the Indians got off to such a slow start the only player selected to the midsummer classic was closer Bob Wickman.  Two years ago the Indians sent five players to the all-star game including Victor Martinez, Ronnie Belliard, CC Sabathia, Jake Westbrook and Matt Lawton.

   Casey Blake is currently leading the American League in batting average and is certainly playing well enough to warrant an all-star game selection.  Travis Hafner is leading the league in runs scored, tied for 4th in runs batted in, and is also among the league leaders in home runs.  Victor Martinez had a streak of reaching base safely in 45 consecutive games dating back to last year and is one of the top run producing catchers in the game.  Despite missing the first month of the season, CC Sabathia is also making a bid for the all-star game with a 2-1 record and a 2.31 era.

   Seven times in Indians history the club has sent only one representative to the all-star game in back-to-back years.  The most recent was in 2002-03 when Omar Vizquel and CC Sabathia went to the midsummer classic for the Tribe. Will 2006 mark the 8th time in franchise history that this has happened or will Indians fans rise as one and let their collective voices be heard?  Only time will tell and the clock is ticking.  Voting ends on June 21st.


Hey Matt. My name is Shawn Stratton here is what I believe the answer is Billy Harris, Mike Hedlund, Steve Mingori Chan Perry and Jason Rakers.

Kevin Seitzer?

Sorry Matt I meant to post the answer sooner and luck (bad as for the listeners I am sorry)
I didn?t realize you used it as a question to a buddy just told me. Also my email is posting everything I send like 3 times.

Thanks for the questions…but, can you name the player that I am interviewing in the picture on the weblog page.

Matt Underwood

Hey Matt,
We give up! You can’t except someone whose ID is “steelersrule!”


Kevin Seitzer is a good guess…a number of people here at the ballpark guessed Seitzer. The Indians actually got him in a trade from Milwaukee.

Matt Underwood

sorry kevin but steeler fans can like the INDIANS and do! Chan Perry or Jason Bakers I will go with Chan Perry!

Chan Perry?

I say Jason Rakers.

-Ryan Heimberger, Wooster

Is it Mike Sweeney?

We finally have a winner! Jim and Shawn both answered Chan Perry. His career lasted 18 games (13 with the Tribe and 5 with KC). Chan was officially 2-25 at the plate! You may remember his older brother Herbert who was a pretty solid player but, could never stay healthy.
-Matt Underwood

It must be Jason Rakers. Here’s a link to a Topps baseball card, featuring Rakers as a “Rookie Prospect.” Interesting that the other two on the card were future Indians as well!


David Collinge, listening via XM in Los Angeles CA

Oh! *Never mind* 🙂

Matt like I said an earlier email I write trivia all the time so if any time you want me to ask one or just for you I can maybe email it you ahead of time and the ANSWER but not on the day its asked in the forum! Again sorry if I ruined it!

whats tonights qustion?

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